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Lift Projects

Lift Truck Center

Hoidale installed this Forklift Stertil-Koni lift.

Healy Oil Stertil-Koni

This ST1085 Stertil-Koni lift was sold, delivered and set-up by Hoidale, who was also responsible for training on the unit.

Stertil-Koni ECO Lift

Hoidale is proud to provide the very best in heavy duty lifts for our customers. Seen here are two Stertil-Koni ECO-60 lifts that Hoidale installed for City Utilities of Springfield. City Utilities has plans to utilize this new 2-lift facility to perform routine maintenance on their transit bus fleet, which consists of a variety of 29' buses. The ease of use with the ECO lift allows simple adjustment to each different type of transit bus. Partnering with Hoidale, City Utilities of Springfield is able to accommodate plans of larger buses in the future with Stertil-Koni ECO Lift.

Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Lift Project

Featured here is an installation the Hoidale Company did for one of our Missouri customers. This installation involved a Stertil-Koni ST-1082 set of four mobile columns. This rugged Stertil-Koni lift features

  • 18,000 lbs. per column capacity
  • Extra long pick up fork length of 14" for super-single tires.
  • Unique RED color connecting cables for better visibility comes standard with superior controls
  • Voltages ranging from 220 VAC(single phase) to 208/460/575 VAC (3 phase) as well as battery operated 24 VDC

If you look closely you can see this lift is hoisting a 2009 International Model 4300 with an Elgin Crosswind J Sweeper.

Please call Hoidale today and speak to one of our trained associates about your company's mobile lift needs. Hoidale sells, installs, and services lifts for all types of automotive and industrial lifting applications.

Stertil-Koni Four Post Lift

The ST 4175 is one of the vehicle lifts that is designed free of cross beams. This ensures perfect access to vehicles and the lift. Because there are no cross beams, the ideal width for the setup can be easily chosen, depending on the type of vehicles to be serviced.

The premium features of the lift include:

  • Free of crossbeams
  • Drive-on height of just 9 1/2"
  • Entirely electronically controlled
  • The LCD screen can also be used to display system information
  • The patented independent mechanical locking mechanism is always active
  • Lifetime warranty on the maintenance-free synthetic runner wheel system
  • Track lengths of: 19'- 8 1/4", 26'- 3", 29'- 6 3/8", and 32'- 9 3/4", 37'- 8 3/4"

This lift was installed by our Oklahoma City branch.

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