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Koss Construction Tank Package

Problem: Provide fuel and fuel management control at a remote construction site where no electric or communication lines are available.

Solution: This self contained tank package. This package included an 8,000 gallon doublewall Flameshield UL labeled aboveground tank with a Gorman-Rupp gasoline powered pump, Cim-Tek filtration system, and Fill-Rite metering. The fuel management control is the CardMaster Access and Control system with CardMaster HostCT report software. A cellular modem provided communication between the customer’s home office and the remote construction site. Power for the fuel management control is provided by the 12 volt battery with solar power recharging system. No need to go to the remote construction site to control fuel access or retrieve fuel usage reports. Remember because this is a package you can move it to the next project as needed.

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