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Commercial Projects

Mies Trucking

This milk transportation facility was a ground up to include a complete fuel center. Hoidale installed 1) WeMac 16,000 gallon doublewall 2-compartment tank (diesel, dyed diesel) and installed 4) fuel islands. The 2 inside islands had Wayne enhanced capacity master dispensers with DEF, the two outside islands had Wayne satellites and one island had an enhanced capacity dispenser for dyed diesel. System is controlled by FuelMaster fuel control and communicates to the office via wireless communications. Hoidale was also responsible in site prep for installation of the Fashion canopy with CREE LED lighting.

Deffenbaugh Leachate Tanks

“Tanks” For Everything is not just a slogan. This project included the removal and replacement of the existing leachate water tanks at a landfill facility. Hoidale provided and installed two 30,000 gallon vertical steel tanks with internal epoxy coating designed to handle the leach-aid water and customized piping to connect to the landfill’s water removal system. Hoidale can also provide Xerxes water and chemical tanks customized for your application. 

Koss Construction Tank Package

Problem: Provide fuel and fuel management control at a remote construction site where no electric or communication lines are available.

Solution: This self contained tank package. This package included an 8,000 gallon doublewall Flameshield UL labeled aboveground tank with a Gorman-Rupp gasoline powered pump, Cim-Tek filtration system, and Fill-Rite metering. The fuel management control is the CardMaster Access and Control system with CardMaster HostCT report software. A cellular modem provided communication between the customer’s home office and the remote construction site. Power for the fuel management control is provided by the 12 volt battery with solar power recharging system. No need to go to the remote construction site to control fuel access or retrieve fuel usage reports. Remember because this is a package you can move it to the next project as needed.

LEED Project for Fueling Back-Up Generators

This installation features a LEED project completed for a U.S. Army facility. Certified LEED projects fit these perameters:

  • Lower operating costs and increase asset value.
  • Reduce waste sent to landfills.
  • Conserve energy and water.
  • Healthier and safer for occupants.
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in hundreds of cities.
  • Demonstrate an owner's commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

This installation has been awarded Gold Status. This project consisted of two 6,000 gallon double wall tanks installed to deliver diesel fuel to 14 backup generators. Other installed equipment includes OMNTEC OEL8000II to monitor interstitial and tank volume using a BX-PDWS to distinguish between diesel fuel and water in the dry interstitial space of the tank. Also having two BX-LF-1 to monitor tank fuel levels and water levels in the tank storage area. Both OMNTEC units are housed in an ENC-4X and heat controlled thermostatically with an HTR-1 and a TEM-CS.3. We also installed GM50ARP-2Z GPI Positive Displacement Flow meters with a 4-20 MA transmitter with display,”GX500.” This allows the flow meter to transmit data to the EMT system on the base. Another important element of this installation was a RAS-1 audible and visual remote high level alarm to warn transport of overfilling of the tank.

FuelMaster Fuel Control System Installation

This project was sold and installed by our Garden City branch. The scope of this project involved replacing an existing Gasboy fuel control system with FuelMaster Control Systems. This customer went the extra mile and elected to install different types of readers in order to meet the needs of their customers. Three different FuelMaster readers were installed. Hoidale also added network capabiliy to this customer's operation. Pictured are the FuelMaster FMU-2590PLUS control systems that were installed as well as Wayne Suction dispensers.

If you have questions about the FuelMaster Fuel Control Systems please contact any of our branches. System experts look forward to speaking with you to help you maximize your fleet vehicle operation. We can recommend the best fuel management system to help you track every drop of fuel that flows through your equipment.

Barge, Railcar, and Transport Fuel Pump System

This is a 4" Blackmer GX series pump with an LC meter w/preset. This unit is used to unload barges, railcars, etc into above ground storage tanks and it is also used to load transports from the aboveground storage tanks.

This particular unit was built by our Oklahoma City branch.

Aboveground Storage Tank Fueling Facility

This project was installed for a customer in need of an aboveground storage tank fueling facility.  This particular installation was equipped with Dresser Wayne remote fuel dispensers, Red Jacket submersible pumps, and OPW tank vents and gauges.  The project was sold and installed by our Chanute branch.

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