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Stertil-Koni Four Post Lift

The ST 4175 is one of the vehicle lifts that is designed free of cross beams. This ensures perfect access to vehicles and the lift. Because there are no cross beams, the ideal width for the setup can be easily chosen, depending on the type of vehicles to be serviced.

The premium features of the lift include:

  • Free of crossbeams
  • Drive-on height of just 9 1/2"
  • Entirely electronically controlled
  • The LCD screen can also be used to display system information
  • The patented independent mechanical locking mechanism is always active
  • Lifetime warranty on the maintenance-free synthetic runner wheel system
  • Track lengths of: 19'- 8 1/4", 26'- 3", 29'- 6 3/8", and 32'- 9 3/4", 37'- 8 3/4"

This lift was installed by our Oklahoma City branch.

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