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DEF Dispenser Installation

These are pictures of a Hoidale installation involving an above ground diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) retail bulk storage dispensing unit. Pictured is a Dresser Wayne (DEF) dispenser. These types of Diesel Exhaust Fluid systems are available for sale in retail and commercial applications.

Dresser Wayne DEF dispensers are designed to increase motorist throughput and ease the transition to environmentally friendly technologies for high volume truck stops and fleet fueling facilities. These dispensers use a narrow 40-inch wide frame that can be flexibly configured with either left or right-hand hose cabinet position. The dispensers install easily onto existing diesel fuel islands and can be used with above ground or underground tanks. A patent-pending heated hose and nozzle enclosure with automatic door operation provides easy access and ensures that the DEF fluid doesn’t freeze in cold climates. The automatic doors can be locked in the open position to allow easier access in warmer weather.

Dresser Wayne DEF dispensers offer the convenience of filling vehicle DEF and diesel tanks at the same island. This dispenser features weights and measures sealable meters for retail sales, a small footprint, an in-dispenser card reader option, and an interface to POS and fleet card systems, which enables seamless integration into existing operations.

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